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Rentto provides the features that landlords and property managers need for the daily management of their assets, simplifying the time invested and complexity.

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Rentto features

Tech and Property management features

Multimobile device accessibility

Easy-to-use management tools at your fingertips without downloading programs onto your devices.

Data Export Capabilities

Export data from Rentto into Excel easily for on-the-go reporting or information sharing with your team.

Dashboard Graphics

Modern charts for easy visualization of your assets availability.

Property and Lease Management

Track active tenants, manage properties and leases through Rentto.

Payment Tracking

Automatic and simple system to track rent payments and more.

Document Storage

Securely store important documents for easy access.

Tools and features that will love to use everyday, for free.

app menu

Your menu helps you navigate Rentto to find the information you need in a streamlined way.

Dashboard piechart

Modern charts that will help visualize your current assets state.


Quick summary of you membership status.


View your properties with Google Maps integration.

Rentto, a versatile tool that will improve your property management experience.

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